Consultancy & Management Services
Risk Assessment

A system that guarantees the efficiency of the measures implemented by organizations in order to protect themselves from possible threats to their operations

This service is aimed at:

Any public or private organization that wants to protect the continuity of its business most guarantee security in its operation, especially organizations that are bound to do so by law.


Risk analysis and assessment from a part of the basic processes of the organization. It is often done informally, without attaining benefits.

Risk analysis and assessment must be repeated periodically and when conditions change. Some examples include departures of key personnel from a company, technology changes, the appearance of new vulnerabilities or threats, etc. The idea is to protect a company's assets and its capacity to continue developing its business activities.

The expense of implementing diverse measures, safeguards, or counter measurements, and their effectiveness, depend on proper analysis and assessment.
We provide a complete solution for the organization, in which two important aspects are particularly ensured:

Awareness through specialized training for the various teams, thereby qualifying them to continue with its task.
The delivery of the risk assessment with a strategic management tool which allows a dynamic review of the risk assessment.

We implement guideline plans and white papers that allow planned movement from the current situation to the desired one.
We prepare, audit, and test emergency, contingency, continuity, and recovery plans using a team of experts who are knowledgeable in the various business activities.


Building confidence in all parties involved in the process (shareholders, administration, customers, etc.).
Determining the real operational security level of organizations.
Allowing the construction of a route map for more effective and economical implementation.
Complying with the legal requirements or rules in force for operation in a sector.