The definition of solutions to optimize waste management is to transforming the actual problems of different agencies and company organizations into opportunities.
This service is aimed at
Public agencies, industrial installations, service companies, comprehensive management systems, associations and other organizations concerned with:

The development and operation of waste management plans
The definition and implementation of prevention and waste minimization strategies
Awareness and raising consciousness about waste minimization and improved waste management
Conducting initial feasibility studies for the implementation of management systems Introducing waste management development and innovation programs Assessing and monitoring of public waste management QOS (quality of service) Reducing the costs of waste treatment through optimized management strategies


We provide comprehensive solutions for the management of dangerous and inert urban waste, from planning to the technical and economic optimization of the related processes.
We have considerable knowledge in many sectors generating waste and of the public agencies involved.
We are capable of developing comprehensive turnkey projects adapted to the specific needs of our customers.
Our consultancy and inspection activities in the waste sector are based on strict certified quality references.


Guarantees and facilitates compliance with waste material legislation
Generates economic benefits by lowering the costs of waste management and optimizing resources
Creates benefit from the results of optimal management of waste and processes
Improves market image